The Firm offers legal services to individuals and business entities in the area of international litigation – litigation where one or more parties are foreign entities or residents of other countries. Unlike domestic lawsuits, international litigation frequently involves complicated service of process procedures, jurisdictional issues (e.g., can this lawsuit be properly brought in the U.S., does the U.S. court have in personam jurisdiction), evidentiary issues (e.g., obtaining evidence from foreign parties), etc.

The Firm offers its assistance with the enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitration awards, asset location, and resolution of contractual disputes between foreign parties. Ms. Schoenefeld’s native or near native fluency in English and Russian, as well as her proficiency in German has proven to be an asset in assisting the Firm’s clients.

In addition to offering legal services directly to foreign parties who are in need of representation in the U.S. jurisdictions where the Firm is authorized to practice, it can also provide local assistance to other law firms. With our array of corresponding counsel across the country and throughout the Europe, Russia, and countries of the former Soviet Union, the Firm can assist in many international matters and strives to achieve favorable results for its clients.